Originally hailing from Leicester in the UK, I've been calling Italy home for the best part of a decade and from the moment I arrived, Italy has never failed to provide me with a constant source of inspiration.   

I started my career in journalism and photography. I've always loved reportage and storytelling and so expanding into video production and documentaries has been a very natural process. 

As an Italian speaker and the asset of having a wide network of creative talent across Italy, I also offer my services as a Fixer for international productions. 

My first documentary Expat is due for release and I have since written and directed a web series and short film  for the Film Commission of Sardinia. My next documentary is currently in pre-production and is about immigration in Europe and where integration has failed and succeeded. 

Aside from writing, fixing and photographer projects I also work with international TV and film productions, most noteworthy of which being for National Geographic and The Travel Channel.